A FORMER Hermitage Academy pupil aims to make his architecture firm one of the largest in the UK.

Danny Campbell, who is 31, has already shown he has the necessary abilities as innovator and entrepreneur — for example his current bid to sell branded blue bricks at £25,000 each.

A PIONEER of British motorboating lived and worked for many years in Rosneath.

In nautical circles designer John Bain is revered, and many of the vessels he designed are still in use and in great demand today.

A SELF-MADE businessman who is regarded by Japanese society as a founder of the modern Japanese shipping industry lived in Shandon in his later life.

Albert Richard Brown started his working life as a merchant seaman, and ended it buying merchant ships for Japan while living at Summerhill on Garelochside.

FEATURING in the most common byline in Helensburgh and West Dunbartonshire local newspapers and news websites is ‘Local Democracy Reporter’.

The local LDR is former staff reporter Andy Galloway, and he gives excellent comprehensive coverage primarily of what is going on at Argyll and Bute Council.

MENTION Neilson Gray and Carisbrooke in Helensburgh — and thoughts immediately turn to a noted World War One war artist.

But Norah Neilson Gray’s big brother Andrew (below right) also played a significant role in wartime, and he is regarded as one of the pioneers of wireless telegraphy.

THE CARMAN Cattle Fair was a major local event which during the 19th century grew to become the most important of its kind in the West of Scotland.

Horses and sheep attracted the public, but it was the sale of cattle that predominated at the Carman event, held annually on the first Wednesday in June.

A HELENSBURGH man whose early ventures included delivering newspapers and selling clothes has been one of the most successful business innovators in the United States of the past thirty years.

Former Hermitage Primary and Academy pupil Richard Tait, who is 54, is a partner in Chicago-based Valor Siren Ventures.

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