A FOLK singer who came to live in Helensburgh 2007 is famous throughout Scotland and has been described as having ‘a God given voice that knocks you sideways’.

Kirsten Easdale, who now lives with her partner, fine art photographer Steve Niblock, in Arrochar, has performed at major international festivals and events worldwide and supported artists like Shane McGowan and Donnie Munroe of Runrig.

A GLEN FRUIN man turned his back on farming — and harvested a very successful new career as an actor.

Jim Sturgeon, who grew up at Drumfad Farm with his parents and three older sisters, works in film and television, and has appeared on the West End stage in London and in theatres around the UK.

ROSNEATH was the setting for several of the stories written by the renowned Victorian writer Margaret Oliphant.

This remarkable woman is thought to have produced some 90 novels, 50 short stories, 250 articles for Blackwood’s Magazine, miscellaneous essays, and a number of non-fiction studies, including biographies and histories.

ONE of Helensburgh’s top living artists was born in Northampton — but loves the west coast of Scotland which features in many of her paintings.

Julia Gurney and her husband Peter Gourd and their family moved to Havelock Street in the burgh in 1991, and the scenery and the weather captured her imagination.

THE BBC One TV series Shetland attracted huge viewing figures . . . and one of the reasons for that was the stunning performance of a former Rosneath Primary and Hermitage Academy pupil.

The complex character of Donna Killick — murderer of a local girl — who was dying of cancer was a gripping portrayal by actress Fiona Bell, who has appeared in several successful TV dramas.

ONE of the best-known names in Scottish Jazz lived until thirty months ago in Portincaple.

Home for singer Fionna Duncan and her family for many years was The Nest, a Victorian cottage beside the Loch Long shore, bought by her grandfather.

NUMEROUS poems have been composed about Cardross and its surroundings, including several by poetesses with village connections.

The best known was Frances Porter Stoddard, who was born in New York in 1843 to American parents whose roots in the New World went back to Puritanical settlers who arrived in 1639.

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