At Helensburgh the twenty-seventh day of July eighteen hundred and thirty-three, at eight  o'clock AM being the time fixed for ascertaining and going along the Boundary lines of the Burgh specified in the charter and fixing in proper places Boundary stones in order that the Boundaries may be known in time coming.

The Very Early Days

Rosneath is one of the older settlements in the local area, and its name is said to be derived from the Gaelic "Rosneveth", meaning "headland of the sanctuary", which in turn probably relates to St Modan. It should however be noted that there are other possible derivations of the village’s name.

The Comet replica the 150th anniversary of the first sailing of Henry Bell's Comet

 The wreck of Europe’s first commercial steamship has been designated as a scheduled monument by Historic Environment Scotland.

Jeanie Deans at Craigendoran Ian Plenderleath

THE annual exhibition of paintings from the Anderson (Local Collection)

 AN exhibition documenting the history of Scouting in and around Helensburgh has gone on display in the town.

A BIOPIC on Helensburgh-born television pioneer John Logie Baird is planned by London-based Free@Last TV, which has set up a Scottish branch in Glasgow and is partnering with local talent on a slate of comedy and drama.

THE redevelopment of the historic Helensburgh seafront mansion Cairndhu — home for many years of the first Baron Strathclyde — is already attracting admiring glances.

FILM STAR Deborah Kerr spent the first four years of her life with her parents in Helensburgh, but was born in Glasgow — and her birthplace has been marked with a blue plaque.

A 97 YEAR-OLD woman thought to have been the last surviving link with RAF Helensburgh and the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment at Rhu died recently at the age of 97.

A FOURTH carriage clock presented to Helensburgh soldiers who served in the Boer War has been found — but is in very poor condition.

THE FIRST TV star, Stooky Bill, was a ventriloquist's dummy used — then discarded — by TV inventor John Logie Baird. But what happened next?

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