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I HOPE this is the correct web address to be contacting, and I will explain my reason for doing so.

Turner-mystery-picAfter my mother passed away last year, I recovered from her house a painting of a deep sea fishing scene which has now been in my possession for the last year.

It was almost on its way to the bin when I thought I better check the artist's name on the internet to see if there was any interest. As a result, I came across similar paintings in your website.

It is an unframed painting on canvas, and signed by Arthur Henry Turner.

I was wondering if you could help me as to its historical interest if any, and indeed if it is worth keeping, framing or selling.

I know my father (alas also no longer with us) was a keen oil painter too, and he seems to have kept this particular canvas for some reason. I hope you can be of assistance.

With thanks and in anticipation,

David Callender



We passed this query to local art expert Mary-Jane Selwood, a Trustee of the Anderson Trust Local Collection, and it turned out that she knew quite a lot about the artist, as the Trust owns two of his paintings.

“He was a shipbroker, whose hobby was painting,” she said. “He made his home in Kilcreggan, and built a studio with a view over the pier and out towards the Clyde, where he could relax from work and paint.”

She added that paintings by this artist were sought after and of value, and she has contributed an article about him which can be found here in The Arts section of this website.

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