Family research nears end

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australia_flagI AM John Thomas Cameron, nephew of my uncle, Private John Thomas Cameron. I am 84 years old now and have been researching the family tree at my son Iain's behest.

Thank you for providing us with the photo and article about my uncle.  I have often thought of him and used to ask my mother about him when I was a child. She always said that he was a great guy.

My father was his younger brother and they used to crew on yachts when John was at University, I guess.

My uncle's parents, John Cameron and Jessie (preferred to be called Janet) Fletcher, are buried in Rhu Cemetery according to what my Mother told me. John died on 6th April 1923 aged 81 at Rosevale Cottage, but I was unable ascertain when Janet died.

My parents, Donald Fletcher Cameron and Janet Findlater, were married at the Bath Hotel in Glasgow on 5th August 1918. John, my uncle, was a witness on their wedding certificate. My mother had a large wedding photo of the entire gathering.

My father was a Master Mariner. I was born in Woy Woy, New South Wales, spent two years in Port Moresby, then they returned to Scotland in 1928 and I grew up in Milngavie and joined the Merchant Navy at 16 as a cadet in March 1943.

I obtained my Master's Certificate, but decided to quit seafaring and flew to Perth in January 1956. I married Maureen in March 1957, and we have three children and eight grandchildren.

I qualified as an accountant and continued this second career until I retired aged 70. Now I am still working at my retirement — and being a grandfather!

I was very thrilled and delighted when Iain gave me a copy of your article today, particularly as it was Anzac Day and Iain and I had attended the Dawn Service here in Perth.

My research has virtually ended as it would seem that I am the remaining member of the Kilchrenan Cameron family tree, and Iain will be my successor, as I could not find any descendents still living in Scotland.

The last one I found was John Wilson Fletcher Cameron, born in Logie, Stirling, and he apparently died in Nottingham 19/12/2007 and left no family. His solicitor had his ashes sent to Faslane Cemetery, near Garelochhead.

Thank you very much for writing your article, and best wishes for the future.

Yours aye,

John Cameron
Western Australia

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