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australia_flagI am writing to you from Australia and am researching my family tree with difficulty.

I know that my great grandfather James Aitken and his wife Emily lived at Burtonhill (or Burton Hill, I'm not sure which) in Helensburgh and I would be very interested to know whether the house still stands or anything about either it or the family.

I know James, with James Lilburn, was a founder of the Glasgow Shipping Co (the Loch Line) in 1870.

Can you help me at all?


Glenys Hierzer

Website editor Donald Fullarton writes:

Burton Hill was originally at 98 Sinclair Street, but some of its grounds were sold off and the entrance moved to 4 East Abercromby Street. It is still standing, and one of its owners in recent years was Marti Pellow, lead singer of the pop group Wet Wet Wet.

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