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Union_JackJUNE 8 1946, may be a date that does not ring bells for many readers, but it was the day the end of World War Two was celebrated by military parades in many cities and towns.

One was Glasgow and another was Helensburgh, where I was very proud to be marching in the Royal Navy squad which had come over the water from the Combined Operations base at Roseneath.

We must have looked very smart in our best uniforms, white hats, white belts and gaiters, and of course we marched with rifles and fixed bayonets, something probably not seen in the lovely streets of Helensburgh since that day.

There were pictures of the big Glasgow parade in some of the Scottish daily papers the following day, and pictures must have been taken of the Helensburgh  parade, so I will be eternally grateful if a picture of that parade could be traced by one of your readers if only to remind myself of happy days spent in Bonnie Scotland many years ago, and on many occasions since, I am pleased to say.

Helensburgh Heritage Trust has kindly found me a fairly detailed newspaper cutting of the occasion, so that picture cannot be far away. I will of course be happy to pay for any printing or postage.

Many thanks,

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