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saltireI WAS wondering if you could help me. I am a bit of a family historian and in the course of my research found out that my Great Great Uncle, by the name of James Bruce, worked at Camis Eskan, Helensburgh.

On his sister's death record from 1903 his address is given as Camis Eskan. I think he might have been a gardener or perhaps a groom of some sort, as he emigrated to Canada around 1909 and worked on a Clydesdale horse stud farm in Ontario.

I was wondering if you have any info or employee records for him; also who owned the house around this time and what was it like. James never returned to Scotland and passed away in 1954. I look forward hearing back from you soon.

Gordon Lawrie
South Lanarkshire
The Editor writes: The original Camis Eskan was built by the Dennistoun family who bought the estates of Colgrain in 1351. Their descendants lived there for nearly 500 years, and they built the main part of the present building in 1648.

In 1836 the mansion was sold to Colin Campbell from Renfrewshire, and his descendants owned it until November 7 1946.

Well known Helensburgh architect A.N.Paterson was commissioned by the then tenant, lawyer Leonard Gow, to modernise and extend the building in 1915.

In World War Two it was requisitioned by the Government and used as a hospital for Polish Army casualties, and in 1946 it was bought by the then Dunbartonshire County Council who also used it as a hospital.

Camis Eskan Residents Association historian Robert Reid said: “James Bruce could have lived in one of the three lodge houses if he was a gardener, or in the coach house attached to the house if he was employed as a groom.”

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