Favourite Helensburgh Paintings

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Every year at this time, Helensburgh Library hosts a new exhibition of paintings from the Anderson Trust Collection.

A different theme is chosen each year so that, in time, all the paintings are displayed in different contexts, but this year’s exhibition is based not so much on a theme as a challenge.

The Committee and Trustees were asked to choose three favourite paintings from the 136 works in the Collection and the current exhibition is the result of their choice – inevitably a very varied selection in subject and style because the choice of a piece of art is largely subjective.

It is evident from the reasons given that many different factors play a part in the choice of a painting – colour, light, scenes that capture not just a view but an atmosphere of the local area, topographical history, memories of childhood activities such as skating on the skating pond at the top of Helensburgh, memories, even, of the artist or of a view that is no more.

Trustee, Mary-Jane Selwood, told the Heritage Trust: “The Collection originates from the bequest to Helensburgh, in 1981, of Annie (Nance) Templeton Anderson’s personal collection of 34 paintings.

“We do not know her reasons for acquiring them, other than that her strong family involvement with Helensburgh is evident throughout and, also her discerning knowledge of what constitutes a fine painting.

“Nance Anderson left this significant local Collection in Trust for the people of Helensburgh so we may all enjoy viewing the annual selection of its paintings in the Library and we can all be challenged to express our views on the paintings displayed.

“This is what the Trustees of the Anderson Trust, who maintain the Collection, are inviting visitors to do:

“Enjoy the exhibition, currently on view in Helensburgh Library, see Helensburgh through the eyes of many artists who were inspired to paint here, evoke personal memories of local events and activities.

“Then make your own selection of your favourite painting on display and please take the time to leave a note of the reason for your choice in the book provided.”

Mary-Jane Selwood,Trustee, Anderson (Local Collection) Trust