A THREE LOCHS TOUR treat on Tuesday June 16 1925 turned into a tragedy in which three lost their lives.

At 2pm an excited group of 16 people boarded a charabanc in Glasgow, ready to embark upon a works outing along the route of the classic tour — Loch Lomond, Loch Long and the Gareloch.

WRITING in the Glasgow Herald on December 14 1849 "Citizen" referred to Lochgoilhead as being part of "the principal route to Inveraray". This may seem very strange to modern eyes, but it must be remembered that in those days the sea was the highway.

Furthermore although Helensburgh perhaps only occasionally formed part of this highway, Kilcreggan and Cove most definitely were part of it. So, where exactly did this route go, which means of transport were involved, and what brought about its demise?

CYCLING in the Helensburgh area is thought to have begun in the 1870s — and there have been several cycling clubs in the town over the years.

Local historian Alistair McIntyre, a director of Helensburgh Heritage Trust, researched the pastime, and what follows is what he has found out.

henry-bell-wHELENSBURGH'S first Provost, steamship pioneer Henry Bell (1767-1830), came to live in the burgh in 1806.

Already a successful businessman, engineer and architect, he built the Baths Hotel (later the Queen’s Hotel) in East Clyde Street to run with his wife Margaret as a spa near the marine villas of the wealthy Glasgow merchants who either lived in the town or kept a mansion as a summer holiday home.

THE SUMMER of 2019, with the much-loved paddle steamer Waverley out of action because of boiler problems, the Clyde off Helensburgh seemed quiet and a lot less fascinating.

But that was certainly not the case in 1949-50, when the then favourite Clyde steamer had extremely noisy jet engines.

Cardross-signal-boxONE of the more unusual aspects of Helensburgh and district railway history was a fire that destroyed the signal box at Cardross on the evening of April 26 1971.

A very drunk passenger missed his stop, disembarked at Cardross and proceeded to cause mayhem. The signalman, Jack Vickers, fled the box, whereupon the drunk set fire to it.

comet_replica ON August 6 2012 it will be the bicentenary of the first commercial sailing of Henry Bell’s Comet steamship.

Will celebrations be organised, if so by whom, and what will they consist of? The 100th and 150th anniversary celebrations set a high standard to be followed.

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