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Kirk closed Clyde View

AFTER 55 years of service to the people of Helensburgh and district, the Church of Scotland’s Clyde View Eventide Home closed its doors.

Many elderly members of the community were residents at Clyde View, including several centenarians, and the final residents were transferred to other local homes.

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Farewell to the bell

A RATHER heavy piece of local history left Helensburgh almost unnoticed early in 2008.

The original St Columba Church bell was sold and then removed from its resting place near the front door of the kirk.

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The St Bride's Church Windows

The Gow Windows (left):

The right half shows a seated Madonna with the child on her knee and St Joseph standing behind them holding a lantern.

The Rev John Baird, the father of John Logie Baird, was the first minister of the West Established Church in Helensburgh, later known as St Bride’s Church. In 1981 this Church was united with the Church in the Square (then known as Old and St Andrews) to form the West Kirk.

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Religious Heritage Exhibition 1998

A Religious Heritage exhibition was held in the Helensburgh District from August 15 until September 12 1998 and was a multicentre project.

It started in Cove Church hall — very appropriately, as St Modan brought Christianity to that part of the area in the beginning. The other two churches were St. Columba Church in Helensburgh and Cardross Parish Church.

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West Kirk celebrates — part one

HELENSBURGH'S West Kirk celebrated two anniversaries in September 2006, with a commemorative act of worship for both on Sunday September 10.

It was 50 years since the union of the Old Parish and St Andrews Churches to become Old and St Andrews, and 25 years since of the union of Old and St Andrews with St Bride's Church to become the West Kirk.

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2018-19 Open Meetings

comet4A new programme of Winter Open Meetings for 2018-19 will begin at Helensburgh Civic Centre at 7.30pm on Wednesday September 26. Details will be published when available.