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Mr and Mrs Bell brought to life

"This Is Your Life" used to be one of the most popular programmes on television, featuring well-known personalities.

The programme was revived in Helensburgh on Thursday August 23, but with two major differences: firstly, it took the form of a play rather than a TV programme; and secondly, the subjects of the play had been dead for many years . . .


Comet toasted in Sweden

HELENSBURGH was not the only place where the bicentenary of Henry Bell’s Comet was remembered on Saturday August 4 — a toast was proposed in Sweden.

As he had done 50 years earlier, retired naval architect Gerhard Schack raised a glass in tribute to the man who pioneered commercial steamships.

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Steamers history features Comet

AUTHORS Iain Quinn and Alistair Deayton signed copies of their new book '200 Years of Clyde Paddle Steamers' — which started with Henry Bell's Comet — aboard the paddle steamer Waverley on Friday August 10 2012 on a trip from Glasgow to Rothesay.

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Helensburgh's 2012 celebrations — a great day!

WEREN'T we lucky with the weather!

The weather forecasts in the days running up to the Comet Bicentenary celebrations in Helensburgh were for a strong risk of thundery showers — and the forecasts were right.

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Henry Bell the man

WHAT is known about Henry Bell the man, rather than the steamship pioneer?

Henry was Helensburgh’s first Provost and builder and proprietor of the Baths, later Queen’s, Hotel on the east seafront, close to the original pier where the Comet berthed.

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