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Photo delighted 84 year-old

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australia_flagI wish to express my heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation to you for the story that you researched and wrote on Private John Thomas Cameron — "Rhu Man died in World War One attack" — published on your website. I have just in the last hour come across your story while generally browsing on the web.

I have just returned from handing a copy of your story to my 84 and half year old father, John Thomas Cameron, nephew of the Private, and it certainly brought happiness and joy to him to again see a photo of his uncle, a photo he last remembered seeing many many  years ago on the mantle piece in his grandparents home.

He read your story with a mix of emotions, relief and joy about seeing and reading about his uncle and also sadness as he recalled his parents talk of the uncle he never met.

I cannot thank you enough for having the interest and taking the time to research this story and publish it. It means so much to my father, who has been researching our family tree and before that often talked of his uncle of the same name.

Over the years I had managed to find small references on the Commonwealth War Graves website, the University of Glasgow chapel site, academic records, machine gun company war diary, and the Roll of Honour, but no photo.

As you mentioned in the story, in the middle of 2010 I sent a few very hopeful and long shot emails to local newspapers, local schools and even professional photography studios in Glasgow in the slim chance that something may turn up. Your article, including the photo, exceeds my greatest expectations and has made my Dad very very happy and appreciative.

It is another remarkable coincidence and a long shot that I finally came across your story.

After my emails last year had amounted to little I had forgotten all about it until this morning.

Today, Easter Monday, coincides with ANZAC Day in Australia, and each year in recent years Dad and I have attended the Dawn Service in King's Park, here in Perth, conducted in silence and the dark with about 15-20,000 people in attendance. Back home after breakfast I spent a few minutes seeing if I could find out any more on Private John Thomas Cameron.

After a few failed attempts I finally simply googled JT Cameron 59639 — and up popped a reference to your article! You can imagine my surprise and delight after so many dead ends when I opened your story, saw the heading and the photo, and realised it was Dad's uncle.

Your actions have made a big difference to an elderly man here in downunder Perth, Western Australia, the last of his Cameron family from Milngavie. Dad and I will enjoy a dram of some of Scotland's finest tonight and drink a toast to you and what you have done.

Many, many thanks and warm regards,

Iain Cameron
Mt Pleasant
Western Australia

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