TV inventor's son interviewed

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malcolm bairdAN INTERVIEW about TV inventor John Logie Baird given by his son, Malcolm Baird, can now be read online.

Professor Baird, who is president of Helensburgh Heritage Trust, was interviewed via email by Krishna Nadella, the son of his former research associate at Canada's McMaster University, Dr Rama Rao Nadella.

Malcolm, who lives in Canada, said: "Krishna is now based in the USA where he is a financial writer and he also operates a web-based discussion program called 'State of Mind'.

"He asked me various questions about my father, from the point of view of the US public which is not as well aware of his television work as the UK public. The two-part interview takes the form of text plus a few pictures.

"This interview is part of a gradual process of increasing US recognition of John Logie Baird.

"Please note the point that I made about the famous Marconi achievement in 1902 which is analogous to the JLB achievement in 1926 — both of these achievements used 'obsolete' technology!"

The links are: https://www.nyemmys.org/articles/interview-history-part-1/ and https://www.nyemmys.org/articles/interview-history-part-2/.


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