Happy memories

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usa_flagMY father, Donald Wolfe, moved our family to Helensburgh around 1965. We were there until about 1973.

He was the manager of Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company near Glasgow. My brothers and I went to Larchfield and St Bride's respectively. And when Freda McRory's riding stable was still going strong, that is where I spent all my spare time!

My father was transferred to several different countries during his career, including a couple of South East Asia countries, but he always said his heart stayed in Scotland.

One time the local Helensburgh paper wrote up a report that he had been promoted within the company, and they described him as a "local man". He has never been more thrilled that Helensburgh considered him "one of theirs". He is very proud of that.

My family now live in Canton, Ohio.

Merry Christmas.

Fran Lancaster (nee Wolfe)

San Diego, California

December 3 2008


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