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trinidad_flagFIRST of all, may I take this opportunity to thank you for such an informative web site of Helensburgh.

My parents are both from Helensburgh and I and my family lived on the Naval Estate at Churchill for 10 years when I was based at Faslane — I played rugby for Helensburgh first team for those 10 years, preferring to play for Helensburgh rather than the Naval Base team.

I have been doing a thorough research of my family, which hasn’t been too bad, as I lived in Helensburgh as a child, attending St Joseph's up to the age of 10, and therefore, do remember my great grand parents from both sides of the family (Catholic and non-Catholic).

Yesterday I was discussing with my parents, my great great great grandfather, who lived in a place called “Barracks” as noted on his son James’ marriage certificate (James Donachie married to Elizabeth McDonald 09/12/1890).

Of course, none of us knew where “the Barracks” were, until I came across your website today.
Now I have the dubious responsibility of informing my mother, that her great great grandfather lived in the worse part of Helensburgh in 1870 onwards!

I did notice in the article that census reports mentioned the tenants' professions — my great x 3 grand father is noted as a labourer — and the article also mentions birth places of local, Scotland and Ireland.

I would like to access the census records, so that I may be able to trace the birthplace of my great x 3 grandfather Thomas Donachie, who was married to Jane McAllister.

Once again, it is a very informative website, one that I have added to my favourites.

Very Kind Regards,

John MacKenzie

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