Helensburgh in Sussex

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helensburgh_courtTWO blocks of apartments built recently in Upper Sea Road, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, have been named Helensburgh Court and Baird Court.

Helensburgh Court (pictured) contains two-bedroom apartments going for some £150,000 each, and the adjacent Baird Court contains three-bedroom apartments at £175,000. Both were built by developer Laing Homes.

The original Baird Court was a house across the road from the railway station, 1 Station Road, and TV inventor John Logie Baird and his family moved there from Sydenham in January 1945.

He had a stroke on February 2 1946, and died there in his sleep on June 14 that year at the age of 57.

The property lay empty for some years before it was demolished in 2007, and work began in 2008 on the new apartments.

Baird did a lot of his early work on TV transmissions from nearby Hastings, where he lived at 21 Linton Crescent from February 1923 to November 1924.

While there he carried out experiments that led in 1925 to the transmission of the first true television image, the painted wooden head of Stooky Bill at his workshop in Frith Street, Soho.