Possible John Logie Baird film

John Logie Baird
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malcolm-baird-wTHE story of Helensburgh-born TV inventor John Logie Baird may be made into a feature length film.

The son of the Manse, who died in 1946 aged 57, was ahead of his time from an early age as he dreamt of sending moving pictures through the air.


JLB fought for recognition of his first working television set despite problems with his health, espionage and a sceptical BBC.

He was the first in the world to demonstrate a working television in January 1926 at his laboratory in London's Soho. Just two years later, he presented the first colour transmission and changed the world forever.

His son, Helensburgh Heritage Trust president Professor Malcolm Baird (pictured right), whose mother Margaret was one of two influential women in his father's life, was asked to be a consultant on the movie, which was announced in October 2008 by the London-based production company, Firefly.

A partly fictional script outline, based on the biography John Logie Baird: A Life by Malcolm Baird and the late Antony Kamm, was written early in 2009, and financial support is now being sought for further development.

Malcolm, who lives in Canada, said: "Television has had a huge impact, and my father's life was full of drama on the technical, personal and business sides, so we're hoping that the film will be made. I am still connected with the project and providing moral support."