Students recreate Baird TV

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THE ORIGINAL mechanical television devised by Helensburgh TV pioneer John Logie Baird has been recreated by students at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

The model, built by engineering students, is to be gifted to Glasgow’s Riverside Museum, with the intention of using it for demonstrations for visiting school parties.

The set shows moving images projected on to a rotating wheel, produced using flashing LEDs and 32 small holes around the disc.

It replicates the device built and demonstrated in the 1920s by Baird, who studied at the Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College – a forerunner of Strathclyde.

The model was produced by students on Strathclyde’s Joint Honours Electrical and Mechanical Engineering degree, as part of a final year group project.

Susie Little, one of the students taking part, said: “John Logie Baird’s television was very different to the televisions of today, but he developed the television when there was nothing like it and that shows his genius."

Heather Robertson, curator of Transport and Technology Glasgow Museums, said: “It’s been wonderful to work with the students at Strathclyde, first because at Glasgow Museums Resource Centre we are lucky enough to have an original Televisor designed by Baird circa 1932, and because seeing their finished recreation, made using new materials, is very exciting.

“It is a real bonus to have a hands-on model that school pupils can interact with during educational sessions at the Riverside Museum.”