St Peter's Doors Open

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St Peters 08.17

ST PETER'S Seminary at Cardross took part in Doors Open Day 2017, with walking tours of the building on September 23 and 24. All tickets were sold out.

An NVA spokesman said: "The idea was that people walk through the abandoned chapel, find a graffiti artists’ paradise, and try to imagine what life might have been like for the young men who lived here during the 1960s.

"This was a rare opportunity to visit Scotland's most iconic modernist building in its raw and ruined state."

Built as a college to train Catholic priests during the 1960s, the Seminary was only in use for 14 years and has been abandoned for decades. But it is celebrated worldwide as a masterpiece of modernist architecture and its decay has only added to its other-worldly charm.

It is about to be reclaimed by NVA as an arts venue and visitor attraction, and this was the last chance to visit St Peter’s before construction begins.