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HELENSBURGH Art Club’s 2019 annual Art Show, held in August in the Victoria Hall, paId tribute to six of its members who died in the previous twelve months.

The show included a poignant special exhibition of works by Mary Batchelor, Muriel Borland, Fay Marshall, Eddie McConnell, James Murdoch and Burns Shearer.

A HELENSBURGH traditional musician was in huge demand this summer and autumn, with gigs throughout the country.

Eilidh Steel, on fiddle, and her partner in a musical duo, Mark Neal, on vocals and guitar, are leading lights in the Scottish traditional music scene.

WHEN Helensburgh Dorian Choir held their 70th anniversary concert in May 2019, they paid tribute to the choir’s founder.

But the programme notes about James MacTaggart barely scratched the surface of the story of a remarkable man and musician — known to all as the blind organist.

TWO of Scotland’s leading pipers of their respective generations lived in Rhu and worked on the Clyde Training Ship Empress in the Gareloch.

Murdo MacDonald and Archie McNeill shared their love of the bagpipes, but otherwise lived very different lives — Murdo as a soldier, Archie, who was blind, as a teacher and composer of pipe music.

TWO talented and enterprising artists who met while training in Paris ran art classes in Helensburgh from 1890-1906.

Mary Park (below right) and Madge Ross held the classes initially at 8, then 3, Prince Albert Terrace, Victoria Road. They moved to Glasgow in 1906, and in 1911 Miss Park returned to her home country of New Zealand.

A MOTHER and son from Helensburgh were both highly rated artists.

That was the conclusion of administrator Mary-Jane Selwood when she researched the pair for the Anderson Trust Local Collection.

ONE of Scotland’s celebrated poets and novelists was the so-called Ettrick Shepherd . . . and he spent a night in a bothy overlooking Loch Sloy.

James Hogg (1770-1835) had a cousin who lived there in squalour, yet the very next evening he was wined and dined at Inveraray Castle as a guest of the Duke and Duchess of Argyll.

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