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archie_renfrew A HELENSBURGH man, Archie Renfrew, was one of the survivors of the Lancastria tragedy off the coast of France in 1940, when some 4,000 troops perished.

Now a commemorative medal is to be presented to the families of those involved what was dubbed the worst ever maritime disaster.

augustoroggenA FIRST World War German spy was caught in the Helensburgh district and executed at the Tower of London in 1915.

The fate of Augusto Alfredo Roggen, who was a long way from being a James Bond but paid the ultimate penalty for espionage after being arrested at the Tarbet Hotel (left) is an extraordinary story.

jim_arroll-wA HELENSBURGH octogenarian was one of those who benefitted from one of the final acts of former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Mr Blair announced in the House of Commons that thousands of conscripts who worked down coal mines during World War Two, known as the ‘Bevin Boys’, would receive a commemorative lapel badge.

hermitage_war_memorialTHOSE Helensburgh and District men who died on active service in World War Two are remembered with pride.

Elsewhere in this Military section of the website is the story of Sergeant Campbell Lowrie, who died when his bomber was shot down near Paris on June 3, just three days before D-Day, and another local airman who lost his life was Sergeant Alexander Glass Dunbar, who died when his aircraft crashed in Shropshire in 1940. His funeral was held in the old churchyard at Cardross.

augustoroggenTHE man who came to the Helensburgh district to fish and ended up being shot as a First World War spy at the Tower of London was a remarkable true story.

Elsewhere on this website is the story of Augusto Alfredo Roggen (pictured left) 91 years after he was shot by a firing squad composed of men from the 3rd Battalion, the Scots Guards, and this is a sequel.

german-heinkelAN AUDACIOUS attempt to fool the Germans in World War Two, masterminded by the Rhu-based Marine Aircraft Experimental Research Establishment, nearly came to grief.

Robin Bird, who wrote ‘Top Secret War Bird of World War Two’ about his father, photographer Bob Bird, has discovered what happened, and hopes to feature the story in a new book.

Dunbar-memorial-wTHE World War Two death of Cardross man Sergeant Alexander Glass Dunbar is shrouded in mystery.

The former Hermitage School pupil, the son of Francis G.Dunbar, who maintained the Kilmahew Castle gardens, and his wife Mary, died on September 23 1940 at the age of 23 when his training aircraft crashed in Shropshire.

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