THE LATEST chapter in the story of Helensburgh supermarkets is that Morrisons has bought Waitrose at Colgrain and hopes to open before Christmas 2020.

While several of the major supermarket companies have either operated or tried to operate here, the burgh’s longest serving retail business of this kind by a distance is the Co-op.

THE VILLAGES of Helensburgh and district have had a variety of water sources in the past 200 years.

Originally they had a mixture of wells, springs and streams, and included some ingenious arrangements.

THE STORY of Helensburgh’s water supply begins with the town’s first Provost, steamship pioneer Henry Bell.

This inventive genius first suggested the idea of bringing a piped water supply to the town.

MOST communities of any size in the Helensburgh area, except Luss and Cardross, boasted at least one temperance hotel — and they formed a highly visible and important part of the wider Temperance Movement.

They aimed to provide people with the various amenities of a standard hotel, except the alcohol.

SCOTLAND’S smallest Burgh, Cove and Kilcreggan, turned its attention to a public water supply only fifteen years after attaining burgh status.

Feueing of land for house building there began in 1848. A mere seventeen years later, the inhabitants were contemplating a move to form themselves into a burgh — showing clearly that there was a spirit of ambition within the fledgling community.

MANY a long-time Helensburgh resident will remember elephants parading along East Princes Street . . . an unusual spectacle heralding the arrival in the burgh of a circus.

The travelling circus had an association with Helensburgh going back over many years, and quite a number of the most prominent of them visited the town.

THE NEWS in April 2019 that the Helensburgh branch of the TSB in East Princes Street was reducing the days it opens came as a shock.

It followed the complete closure of the Santander branch in West Princes Street, and both are being attributed to changes in the way people do their banking in this online age.

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