New Baird book published

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Douglas_Brown_Baird_book_coverA new book has been published about the work of Helensburgh's TV pioneer John Logie Baird. It is . . .

The Three Dimensions of John Logie Baird

By Dr Douglas Brown

John Logie Baird (1888-1946) is remembered as the inventor of television but his work in colour, 3D and holographic television is much less well known. As are his significant contributions to other information sciences and their resulting technologies.

The Three Dimensions of John Logie Baird sets out this work and adds a perspective not seen before to the story of this great inventor.  

The Three Dimensions of John Logie Baird details the story of this great man from his early years through, to those where despite ailing health and poverty he did more to advance the early development of television than any other individual.

He planted the seed, which has grown into a multinational, trillion dollar video and communications media industry. Baird is often dismissed as the person who invented a crude type of television which was quickly superseded, but this book lays these criticisms to rest once and for all.

Dr-Douglas-Brown-h_sFor over a quarter of a century Baird developed monochrome, colour and 3D television, and many of the techniques he pioneered are still used in modern day systems. This book goes into detail about how the systems worked and their later development after John Logie Baird's death.

The author (pictured left) has even provided projects that can be made which demonstrate the Baird's technology, including colour broadcasting.

The Three Dimensions of John Logie Baird is a fascinating read that provides an excellent reference work on his inventions, an insight into the world of television, and shows just how much the world owes to this great inventor.

Size 174x240mm, 208 pages (mono & colour); ISBN: 9781 9050 8679 5. It can be ordered by logging on to the RSGB shop website.